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The IRD ships of opportunity XBT Network : Atlantic and Indian Ocean

Within the framework of the TOGA programme the XBT networks were addressing three major objectives :

* enable large scale description of the upper ocean thermal structure
* provide comprehensive data sets in order to check and validate tropical oceans numerical models
* real time data sets provision for pilot operational data assimilation in OGCM's (Ocean Global Circulation Models).

The objectives of WOCE related to the upper ocean thermal structure are to :

measure changes in heat content on oceanic basin scales,
provide statistical elements on temperature distribution within the upper one thousand meters,
monitor variability in oceanic zonal and meridional heat fluxes on seasonal to interannual time-scales.

CLIVAR- A study of Climate Variability and Predictability is a new multi-displinary research programme on variability and predictability of climate extended to larger geographical areas and longer time scales.

The goal of this server is to provide information on past and current activities of the ORSTOM XBT network. These information are useful for the international management of oceanic observations networks that are being implemented within the framework of the Global Ocean Observing Systems GOOS .

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